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Barb Lyon voicing on her Neumann TLM49
Cooking a fabulous feast inmy trusty crock pot
I love my Gurnsey Cream Clematis

My voice is positive and approachable, with a natural warmth and authority that adds dimension to your project. I still get chills at some of the National and Regional spots I’ve voiced, and was thrilled to be a 2023 SOVAS Nominee in the category of eLearning.
Six days a week you’ll find me working hard at the mic fueled by Bones Coffee, of which my husband makes sure I have an ample supply. But one day each week I take a break for mental diversions: cooking; gardening; and training our little dog, Friday. Sometimes we even compete!
My folks are retired now, and life is suddenly more about play than work. So when my parents ask what I’ve been doing, I say “working”. Then comes the follow-up question: "Are you having any fun?" to which I say “Yes, just how you raised me!”

“Have you got a job yet?” That’s what my Dad asked when I graduated 6th grade. He made it clear that until you’ve added value to the world, you haven’t done squat. So I worked on my family’s apple orchard, babysat, waited tables, worked the video counter at the local drug store and one day voiced a video for the school board: “The Best & The Brightest.” (We won’t discuss the take where a very red faced Barb said “the breast and the brightest” in front of Mike, the engineer.) Still, I had finally found my calling!

I knew North Central College’s WONC was rated the Number One College Radio Station in the Country so that's where I got my broadcast degree. My time there took me to Walsh Media where I ran the Audio Services Department: casting; coaching; engineering and editing talent, and doing voice overs myself.

In 2016 I decided to take my destiny in my own hands. I’ve voiced so many wonderful spots, narrations & explainers, IVR’s, eLearning modules and Voice of God announcements since then, but my favorites are when the clients direct me and we collaborate on the project. I love building a connection and getting that immediate feedback.

Barb Lyon and Friday the Australian Cattle Dog achieving her Rally Intermediate Title

About me

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