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I blame Howard Hessman. Dr. Fever taught me that our voices are powerful...and the love affair with the spoken word was underway.... BOOGGER!

I soon discovered that our voices can influence people's purchasing decisions. They can entertain. And they can educate.

Today I use my voice to help people choose the right product, understand their world, or learn new skills. and occasionally even laugh a little.

You never stop learning, so I've trained with Anne Ganguzza, Mary Lynn Wissner, David Rosenthal  and Alyssa Jayson, and I've workshopped with Steven Reisberg, Joyce Castellanos  and Linda Bruno. I'm an active member of GVAA workouts.

There's more to life than voiceover! I enjoy cooking and gardening, growing flowers and vegetables. And I love our Australian Cattledog, Friday. We even compete in obedience and she earned her Trick Dog Elite Performer Title!

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